31 Days of Halloween: Ghostly Pancakes

Day 1: Ghostly Pancakes

Ghostly Pancakes

I’m sure many of you have seen these cute little ghost pancakes floating (haha) their way all around pinterest! I have been making these little guys for almost 2 years- way before the pinterest hype, what can I say I’m a trend setter! So I decided what an easy and fun way to start our 31 Days -with the most important meal of the day!

Today’s spooky journey began early this morning- I made breakfast! Not unusual but the cast of characters that left my frying pan were not your ordinary breakfast pals. These guys were quite spooky (well and cute)! Everyone was still asleep when I got up so I took the opportunity and time to make these quick and easy Ghostly Pancakes! They turned out adorable and are literally so easy to create. I used a premade pancake mix (Krusteaz Honey Wheat Pancake Mix) that I just had to add water to. I spooned ghostly shapes into my pan with a spoon making sure they had little arms and a spooky tail. Then I finished the figures with mini chocolate chips for eyes- easy right?

My son was so excited to eat this treat and couldn’t believe that I made it just for him! Who knew such a little thing could make a four year old happy. He said something to the affect of “These are spooky pancakes mommy. Can I have 257 more!” Sure kid I’ll get right on top of that!

Try making them for your kids, I promise they will love you for it and probably will ask for them everyday up to Halloween…. Mine has already brought it up like 12 times today!

Ghostly Pancakes 1


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